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    Conner Youngblood:

    I love it. I mean, I love pretty much everything Kanye does and this is no different. The whole T. Swift thing is the only questionable part of the song. I truly believe Kanye is very aware of every decision he makes, [I'm] just not sure if they are always the right decisions haha.

    But, back to the music. The song comes across almost like a DJ spinning and stitching four completely random tracks together, and while it seems a little messy on paper (seriously look at the credits), it's a pretty good time the whole way through. It works.

    My favorite bits are the Rihanna/Nina Simone parts singing "Do What You Gotta Do" (which is a song written by a country songwriting legend Jimmy Webb, who also wrote one of my favorite songs of all time, "By the Time I Get to Phoenix"... obviously go and listen to Glen Campbell's version). Well shit, actually the "Bam Bam" part at the end might be what gets me.... but Kanye's beat is sooo good too. Two thumbs up.