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    "Real Friends"

    Tunji Ige:

    "Real Friends" is like the culmination of T.L.O.P. It's like Ye talking through his former self. It's where College Dropout Ye is channeled from the perspective of 2016 Kanye.

    This album is really the diary of a superstar. The monster and hero that we all helped create.

    "Real Friends" is one of those nostalgic moments where you get hit as a Ye fan and remember his beginnings as well as why he appealed to you in the first place. This whole project makes you feel conflicted though, because it'll be some gospel shit and not even five minutes later just some esoteric XXX vulgar shit.

    This is one of those songs where you're like, "This is why I root for him." And Ty Dolla $ign's vocal runs on this song are definitely some of my top musical highlights in recent memory.