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    JMSN - “Cruel Intentions”

    Every once in a while there comes a song that creates this immediate, “Oh, this is gonna be good!” reaction as it's just getting started—JMSN’s latest single “Cruel Intentions” is certainly one of those songs. Those few notes in the first five seconds of the song were enough to convince me that this was going to be more than just an ordinary single.

    JMSN puts his deepest emotions on full display for “Cruel Intentions.” Though the instrumentation initially grabbed my attention, this track wouldn’t have reached its full potential without JMSN sounding as if he was pouring his entire heart out. There’s a perfect combination of seductiveness from the band, and a yearning feeling from the vocals—the results are irresistible. Halfway through the song, it begins to feel like a recording of a live show rather than an actual single. In most cases, a six minute song can be too much, but this time it just doesn’t feel like enough. A song has never made me feel more determined to go see a performer live than this one.—Adrienne Black