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    Tyler, The Creator - "WHAT THE FUCK RIGHT NOW"

    Bless the kindness of Kanye West for giving Tyler, The Creator the instrumental for "Freestyle 4." The original version of the track is easily one of the wildest moments on The Life of Pablo, but somehow Tyler has managed to make his version of the track even crazier than Kanye's original. Finishing what Kanye started, Tyler's "WHAT THE FUCK RIGHT NOW" is a brilliant reminder of what made Odd Future so goddamn essential to begin with.

    The energy he brings to the beefed-up instrumental is undeniably infectious—whenever Tyler pauses to catch his breath, you immediately start anticipating his next entrance. Even if it's a spur-of-the-moment throwaway track, "WHAT THE FUCK RIGHT NOW" brings back the ferocity of Tyler's earlier output in grandiose fashion.—Joe Price