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    Boogie - "Out My Way (Bitter Raps 2)"

    One of my favorite cuts from Boogie's Thirst 48 was "Bitter Raps," primarily because he spent the track calling everyone out for their bullshit. But there's no way you can listen to him run down the nonsense in life and think he's just complaining to complain. If anything, Boogie is using his position to educate and eradicate.

    On the flip side, I recently had a convo with some rap fans on the internets about the idea that regional rap is kind of dead, because everyone sounds like everyone. Mind you, it was the same day that this Boogie cut dropped, and I'm like "in the post-Kendrick era, this is exactly what I feel California is sounding like right now." Even still, Boogie's unique, and truly staking his own claims on the rap world... and the world in general. You might just want to get out of his way; he's about ready to steamroll all comers.—khal