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    This month, there were music videos, and then there was Lemonade. Beyoncé's tour de force premiered on HBO to rave reviews and sent the tabloid cycle into overdrive—the thinly-veiled allusions to Jay Z's infidelity were all over the album, but even though it made headlines, the cheating was only part of the story of Lemonade. As a piece of filmmaking, it was incredible—contemporary, thoughtful, visually stunning, and iconic. Everything we've come to expect from Queen B.

    But while Lemonade was a cut above, April afforded plenty of visual treats for those of us without HBO or Tidal. Run The Jewels got inside nature's pants with "Love Again," Rihanna teamed up with Spring Breakers director Harmony Korine for "Needed Me," and Chance the Rapper literally took flight for "Angels." Overall, an incredible month. Read on to see why.