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    M.I.A. - "Rewear It"

    Director: H&M

    M.I.A. doesn't have a great history with corporate partnerships. Remember when she broke the monocles of Super Bowl viewers everywhere with a middle finger? Or when Oprah called her a terrorist?

    But the Sri Lankan singer found common ground with global retailer H&M. "Rewear It" is designed to promote environmentally conscious fashion habits, and here's what M.I.A. had to say about those questioning the alliance:

    “If all [H&M] do is go and inspire another high-street brand to get in on caring and being conscious, or if H&M gets criticized for any of their factory processes," the artist told Vogue, "These are all good things."

    "We should discuss them in public and we should have this back and forth. At least they’re even stepping into the [environmentally conscious] arena. Any of those things is progressive, and I think you have to give it a chance.”