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    Schoolboy Q - "Groovy Tony"

    Directors: Jack Begert and the Little Homies

    Schoolboy Q returned with a vengeance this month. "Groovy Tony" represents a new level for the rapper—not only is the song an incredible slice of what's to come for Q, the video lives up to its soundtrack.

    The camera vacillates between two speeds. First, there's the smooth, extended slow-motion gunfire and steady tracking shots of gangster deeds. The best moment comes when Q stumbles away from a car crash to find his sleeve on fire. He uses it to light a blunt and moves on. The shots are really beautiful, even when a faceless Q is firing a machine gun right at you.

    Then there's the hectic jerkiness of the verses, shot as if Q is grabbing the camera by the lens to further accentuate his verses. It's a bloody, visceral thrill ride for an equally adrenal song. Schoolboy Q has been quiet of late, but this is a solid reminder of just how good he can be.