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    Chance The Rapper ft. Jeremih & Francis & The Lights - "Summer Friends"

    Every song on Coloring Book serves a purpose, and "Summer Friends" is Chance's bonus track. Don't worry about the fact that it's the track list's third song—focus on the silky, repetitious beat and Chance's stream-of-consciousness melodies. Every part of the song is immensely soothing, from Francis & The Light's harmonic coos and the soft, misty percussion to Jeremih's all-too-brief appearance at the close.

    This song could also be the spiritual prequel to Chance's "Paranoia," one of the best songs off Acid Rap. Summer takes central stage again on Summer Friends, but the nostalgia is for a much younger Chance—"socks on concrete," "lightning bugs," and "ice cream trucks" recall the moments before Chance had to realize that "everybody dies in the summer."

    But even that bittersweet reminiscence can't take away from that one central, beautiful beat, and "Summer Friends" feels like the bow on top of this Coloring Book gift. I can't help but be reminded of Kanye West's own "bonus" track, "30 Hours." "My favorite albums just have like bonus joints like this," Kanye said then, and it holds true now.—Graham