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    Skepta - "Lyrics"

    Skepta's new album Konnichiwa is finally here, Pharrell feature and all. From just a couple of listens, it's already clear that this is an album with depth and substance, from the lyrical subject matter to the skits to the varied production choices. Favorite songs will likely change over time, but "Lyrics," featuring Novelist, makes an immediate impact.

    From the opening seconds, sampled from a 2001 clash between garage crews Heartless and Pay As You Go (listen here), "Lyrics" is intense, and the two MCs don't let up for one second. They take aim at challengers, detractors, and, of course, Devilman, who Skepta has been going back and forth with on and off ever since their Lord Of The Mics clash in 2006. Tough tune.—Constant Gardner