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    Chance is in rap's top tier.

    Before Coloring Book, or Chance 3 as we were calling it at that point, even came out, fans were already comparing it to Views and The Life of Pablo, this year's two album releases from rap superstars. (No, we're not forgetting Kendrick and his excellent outtakes, but untitled unmastered is different.)

    Since Acid Rap came out in 2013, Chance's ascent has been unstoppable, and he is no longer the plucky pretender, he's now a major league contender. This is reflected not just in who we compare him with, but in the guest features on Chance 3, which includes legends (Kanye West, Lil Wayne) and 2016's hottest artists (Young Thug, Future, Justin Bieber) alongside rising stars like D.R.A.M. and Lil Yachty.