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    Coloring Book had a flawless release.

    It's one thing to create an incredible musical project like Coloring Book, but it's a whole other task to flawlessly release that project. What qualifies as a "flawless release" you ask? Take notes.

    No leaks. A lot of people contributed to this project. The list of features and producers involved reads like an All-Star lineup. But no one slipped up and gave away any details, or leaked any snippets or full tracks. Chance's team declined comments and overall everything was wrapped air-tight. To pull this off, every person involved has to trust each other and have the same goal. Chance and his team nailed this.

    Apple Music takeover. Zane Lowe premiered "No Problem" earlier during the day of the release, then subsequently played the song six times in a row. Lowe planted the seed that Coloring Book was about to have Apple's full support, and it definitely did. Chance took over Apple Music's main page with five banner images for a MIXTAPE. The planning, the execution...it was perfect.

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