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    He was working on the album until the last minute.

    On the evening of May 11, just over 24 hours before Coloring Book would be released, Chance tweeted that he was deflating the inflatable mattresses in the studio, suggesting that they had finally finished working on the album.

    Saba, who features on "Angels," explains that Chance and his team had been grinding hard to finish the album:

    Yes, I saw [the mattresses], but not during ‘Angels.’ That was just a recent thing. He’ll be having Cam O'bi and Elton, his engineer, there. Any time I went over in the past couple weeks there were people with the 5 o' clock shadow n' shit. When they did Fallon they still had the studio booked even when they weren’t there, so me and Noname were just getting up and making songs. But there were still mattresses there, Cam and Elton was still there, and they were still working on the project.