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    There's money in a free mixtape.

    Chance The Rapper's music is not for sale. "I'm still at my old church, only ever sold merch," he raps on "Angels." As music sales continue to plummet, music as a product is becoming obsolete. Sure, there are still people paying for MP3s, but artists are looking for other ways to generate revenue, and none are doing it as well as Chance The Rapper.

    Leading up to Coloring Book, Chance and his team sold posters, effectively making some money and getting promo in the form of Chance fans plastering his album cover all over their cities. Simple, but genius.

    When Coloring Book finally dropped, it came with a new line of customizable merch. It allows fans to choose between different colors and logos on hats, T-shirts, and hoodies. If that's too pricey, there's also the option to go with the standard merch designs, all sold through chanceraps.com.

    And then, of course, there's touring. With an album this good, selling tickets won't be an issue.

    Chance gets it. Kids these days don't buy music, but if you win them over and build a brand, there are plenty of other ways to develop a sustainable business model.