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    David Bowie - "Lazarus"

    Director: Johan Renck

    If you weren’t already convinced of David Bowie’s genius, this video should do the trick. Released just two days before his death, “Lazarus” is a carefully constructed and ominous portrait of the artist at his weakest. The video opens with a wooden wardrobe left ajar, an image which immediately conjures thoughts of a coffin. Bowie then takes to the screen (lying in a hospital bed, of course) and delivers the song’s portentous opening lines: “Look up here; I’m in heaven.”

    Looking back on this video after his death, it seems so blatantly obvious that Bowie was aware of his fate; between the pain audible in his voice and the final image of him climbing into the open wardrobe and closing the door, Bowie doesn’t leave anything up to the viewer’s imagination. Never in my life have I witnessed a YouTube comment section unified in the way that this one is—even the most ruthless trolls know to pay respect where it is due.

    Rest in peace.