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    Grimes - "Kill V. Maim"

    Directors: Claire & Mac Boucher

    The visuals for "Kill V. Maim" play out like an IRL cartoon—the colors and movements are all hyper-real, smearing the screen with a rainbow of creative power.

    We first join Grimes speeding through the city in a stripped pink convertible, its windows replaced with Grimes' writhing squad, our sherpas through this underworld. They lead us through a series of subterranean cyber-punk dystopias—an empty subway is transformed into a battleground, while an industrial warehouse turns into a bloody jungle gym.

    The costumes deserve first mention—it's a dominatrix's fever dream, complete with fishnet stockings, wigs, masks, smeared makeup, and a mass of leather that would put the cast of Mad Max to shame.

    There are little creature animations that pop up at random, a blood rave with increasingly aggressive strobe lights, and a spasming style of dance that matches the song's searing energy. Grimes carries the day, as usual, with an onscreen charisma that has made every one of her videos unmissable. "Kill V. Maim" is no exception.