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    Klangstof - "Hostage"

    Director: Menno Fokma

    Klangstof’s “Hostage” is an intimate interior portrait of a solider-turned-forester. The Dutch musician’s breakout single is the perfect soundtrack for the narrative, which portrays the tribulations of a military man unable to readjust to civilian life. The lush, patient instrumentation that opens the track matures as the video’s main character is developed, and as the song’s momentum builds, the frustration and confusion experienced by the protagonist is made palpable by dynamic synths and live drums.

    By the time the song reaches its climax, the visuals have become frenetic, with jump cuts and close-ups mimicking the former soldier’s scattered mental capacities. The final moments of the song hearken to the track’s softer opening, creating an aural cycle that, combined with a revelatory shot of the former solider back in uniform, reminds the listener of the cyclical ailment that holds the protagonist hostage.