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    Lil Yachty - "1 Night"

    Director: Glassface & Rahil Ashruff

    Lil Yachty divided the hip-hop community when he splashed onto the scene earlier this year. Some people became instant fans, and others wrote him off as generic, a boring product of the industry that dominates hip-hop today. Show the video for “1 Night” to anyone in the latter group and see if they still can’t spot the personality.

    Regardless of your opinions on Lil Yachty, it’s hard to deny that he has fun doing what he does, and if this visual is any indication of what’s floating around in that mind of his, then it comes as no surprise that so many people have lauded his creativity and positivity. You can’t help but smile watching this video, and that’s exactly what Yachty wants—to make people smile. The energy and joy in this video promise an exciting and impactful career for Lil Boat, and we can’t wait to see what he delivers next.

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