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    Rihanna ft. Drake - "Work"

    Director: Director X, Tim Erem

    As soon as Rihanna and Drake dropped the visuals for their chart-topping collab “Work,” the video was already iconic. The internet goes nuts over any clue that the duo may or may not be dating, and this video provided plenty of fodder in that respect.

    Make that “videos”—the pair surprised us with back-to-back versions, and though they feature the same song, they couldn’t be more different. In the Director X version, we enter West Indian restaurant and Toronto mainstay The Real Jerk, where RiRi drops it low among a sweaty crowd of grinding dancers. Drake lurks in the background.

    In the Tim Erem-directed version, Rihanna spirals her hips Shakira-style in front of Drake (lurking, again, in the background) in a sheer tank and ripped jean skirt, the whole thing washed with pink neon light. It could probably be summed up like this: DAAMN! In both videos, the duo’s chemistry is undeniable, and they seem to be genuinely enjoying themselves—peep Drake try to hide his smile at roughly the 5:33 mark in the video below, and you’ll know what I mean.

    As we said, the Internet goes crazy over Drake and Rihanna—but this time, the hype is real.