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    Rocks FOE - "Law"

    Director: Quba Tuakli

    The video for Rocks FOE’s “Law” makes a statement. The black-and-white visual opens with honest portraits of a motley South London crew comprised of all walks of life—men and women, adults and children, black and white. All are united by a common frustration with the law, the police that enforce it, and the justice system that claims to act in accordance with it. The mob turns violent as the song’s wild beat drops—the squelching bass, horror-movie strings, and abrasive hi-hats are the anthem by which the mob arrests, tries, and sentences a police officer.

    Blood meets concrete as Rocks’ lyrics foreshadow an execution, but the mob elevates itself above villainous justice system in a magnanimous twist, the cop’s life is spared. As the eerie piano riff fades away, Rocks places his hand on the officer’s soldier in an act of solidarity. The anger of the lyrics leaves the listener charged even after the video has ended; although the cop’s case has been tried, the system he represents must still answer for its crimes.