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    Sevdaliza - "Marilyn Monroe"

    Director: Hirad Sab

    In our generation, everyone is a sculptor. We use data, our medium du jour, to carefully construct digital profiles that stand in our place in the agora of social media. As sculptors, our work is precious to us, and the visual for Sevdaliza’s “Marilyn Monroe” perfectly captures this preoccupation with our fragile digital simulacra.

    Hirad Sab’s sharp 3D animation combines the most sophisticated visual techniques of the vaporwave movement with video art sensibilities usually reserved for modern art museums to create a stunning reflection on the modern play between the sentimental and the synthetic. Sevdaliza’s vocals are by turns natural and digitally processed, imbuing the track with a certain cybernetic energy that resonates beautifully in the echo chamber that our social lives have become. Artificial intelligence may be a few decades away, but digital emotion is here, and it’s heartbreaking.