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    Shura - "What's It Gonna Be"

    Director: Chloé Wallace

    Ah, high school. The cafeteria lunches, the schemes to get the cute boy/girl’s attention, the awkward run-ins with your crush—it’s a story we all know too well. It’s also a story that tends to fall along gendered, one-dimensional, age-old stereotypes: The Jock, The Cheerleader, The Nerd, and the rest of the Class of Whatever.

    But Shura flips the classic hallway romance on its head with the video for bubbly, '80s-pop-tinged “What’s It Gonna Be,” in which she and her brother play themselves. Spoiler alert: Shura ends up in a sneaky auditorium make-out session with the cheerleader, while her brother, Nick, ends up going steady with the football player.

    The song’s dizzying, sugary beat perfectly matches the feeling of a first love, but the stereotype-breaking video, in all its kitschiness, gives the already-solid track a new dimension. Maybe the best part about the relationship switch-up, though, is that Shura doesn’t make a huge show of it—the video isn’t meant to shock you (and if it does, welcome to the 21st century). Instead, the fun, carefree video is simply a new take on a tired storyline, and we’re loving it.