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    The Avalanches - "Frankie Sinatra"

    Director: Fleur Fortuné

    The Avalanches’ new single “Frankie Sinatra” is great in the same way as a huge rollercoaster. It’s fun, dizzying, and we’ve all been waiting a really long time in line (in this case, 16 years) to see what it’s like.

    Appropriately, the visual for this track takes place at a bizarre backwoods carnival, where every patron is served a radioactive substance with overwhelming psychotropic effects. You thought circuses were creepy sober? Wait until you see one through the eyes of these folk, who are tripping harder than a drunkard playing double-dutch.

    The song itself is a dizzying mix of calypso, hip-hop, and evil circus melodies that sound like the devil got ahold of a calliope and starting improvising. And who better to rap over such an absurd track than Danny Brown and MF DOOM, the Roald Dahl and Lewis Carroll of hip-hop?

    This video has everything a good carnival needs: sideshow acts (every one of which looks ten times creepier on this mystery drug), delicious food (which turns to cockroaches in the eyes of its consumers), and even bumper cars (in the form of a boat-race turned demolition derby/Vietnam reenactment). The song comes to a close as the cops arrive too late to save the circus-goers who, at this point, lay passed out on the ground, defeated by what was undoubtedly the craziest trip of their life.