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    Zelooperz - "ISBD (I Should Be Dead)"

    Director: Devin Williams & Myron Watkins

    If your primary goal in life is to lead a healthy, safe, and secure existence, please don’t become a musician. The last fifty years of popular music have seen the reckless rise and fatal fall of so many young, talented artists—if you’re a popular musician and you live to be thirty years old, you’ve already outlived some of the best of them. With that being said, thank God that Bruiser Brigade’s Zelooperz is still alive. If Danny Brown is Iggy Pop, Zelooperz is G.G. Allin—a rawer, scarier, and even more badass version of his mentor.

    In the video for his track “ISBD (I Should Be Dead)”, Z teaches you how to live fast and die young while hand-drawn animations tempt fate and poke fun at the threat of puny death. Pause the video at any point and you’ll see something spooky. Be it skulls and crossbones tessellated across the screen or the features of a skeleton drawn on to Z’s face, every frame looks like a sketch from a really cool goth kid’s notebook.

    Zelooperz performs for the camera like the undead emcee of a rave at your local morgue and the beat hits like a clenched fist swung full speed in a mosh pit. Please, skip the boring eulogy and play this video at my funeral instead.