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    24hrs appeared seemingly out of nowhere with a fully formed sound and a bunch of hits. The first song we heard was "Stylist," a rap/R&B hybrid packed with pop culture references, full of quotable lines, and riding some crazy production from Apex. Across the whole of his Open EP, 24hrs raps and sings in effected vocals, giving his boasts, romances, and late night tales an otherworldly air.

    The production, from Apex, Bugzy Mogues, and NonStop, is incredible throughout, an ominous, edgy take on ATL rap production, but what elevates 24hrs' music is his songwriting—the hooks and melodies on every song are top level. We still don't know much about the enigma behind the music, but we do know that he has the potential to be a huge star.

    "What's the secret behind your unique sound?" we asked 24hrs earlier this year. His answer: "It’s just a lot of sauce."—Constant Gardner