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    Avelino is due in more ways than one. First off, there's the voice: the English MC is in possession of a baritone that is at turns warm or menacing, but you always know whenever it's his turn at the mic.

    Then there are the raps themselves. Avelino is hungry for more, and it comes across his rhymes. "Man, I had to shine shoes to make my wrist glow," he raps on "F.Y.O." "I had to grind food so we could flip dough." His lines are filled with deep reflections and honest reasons why he's a cut above: "I'm easily honest cause it's hard to lie / About the things that leave you scarred for life."

    His Fuck Your Opinion EP, which dropped in April, is one of the year's best. Avelino's previously released tapes contain features from artists like Stormzy and Bonkaz, but this latest release was a huge step forward for Avelino as a solo artist. It's not grime or boom-bap—Avelino is in his own lane, finding beautiful melodies between hard-knocking production, and it's working.—Graham