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    British producer Mura Masa put us on to Bonzai through a number of musical collaborations and by releasing her new EP on his label, Anchor Point Records. 19-year-old Bonzai is an American born, Ireland raised, and currently London-based artist, and she blends experimental electronic production with R&B and pop vocals throughout her Sleepy Hungry EP.

    It's a combination of sounds that is becoming increasingly popular, but very few artists bring such a level of creativity or deliver such a coherent end product as Bonzai. "Daniel Gets It Wrong" is a glitchy dance music extravaganza, "No Rest" is a chant-heavy, vocal-driven pop-rave song, and "Lights On" is a moody R&B song. Three very different styles, but they all fit together so well in her hands. Keep an eye on Bonzai.—Constant Gardner