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    Jorja Smith

    When South London-based singer Jorja Smith introduced herself to the world, she did so in a subtle way. Her debut single "Blue Lights" opens up with production that is reminiscent of a sweet lullaby. But though the song is smooth and relaxing, this was no quiet entrance.

    Smith began to draw some well-deserved attention almost immediately. The Dizzee Rascal sample at the end of "Blue Lights" demonstrated a deep connection with English music history, and Smith soon found herself with fans like Stormzy.

    Smith has shared two more singles since "Blue Lights," and they've shown her versatility and range as an artist. For "A Prince," she did the unexpected by sampling music written in the 17th century, while she upped the tempo ever so slightly for "Where Did I Go?" What didn't change, however, is the fact that Jorja Smith is one to watch.—Adrienne Black