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    XL Recordings has long been known for providing a home to forward-thinking talent (M.I.A., Dizzee Rascal, Jai Paul, and Vampire Weekend, to name a few), and they keep the streak going with teenage Danish band Liss.

    Liss' music is built on a strong pop foundation so prevalent in Scandinavia, but instead of cookie-cutter production, their music is organically fluid, impressively dynamic, and irresistibly soulful. On songs like "Sorry" and "Try," lead singer Søren Holm steals the show as the backdrop melds sounds ranging from tropical to electronic. Sometimes pop music starts to sound repetitive and watered down, like the best of it has already come and gone and we've collectively run out of good ideas to switch up the format. Then a band like Liss comes along.—Jacob Moore