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    Vintage Lee

    With just two songs to call her own, Vintage Lee is making a lot out of little. The Boston-bred teen reps her city’s Roxbury neighborhood—home to local trailblazer Michael Christmas—and it shows on “Hennythings Possible.” The three-minute declaration oozes attitude. A concise serving of motivation with a sharp edge, the song’s icy piano adds a degree of menace to the artist’s swaggering raps.

    Her voice is an aesthetic in itself. She bends syllables and adds subtle flourishes that make for a compelling listen. In short, Lee’s a stylistic magnet, a raw example of effortless personality and flair. If recent events are any indication, Vintage is poised for a strong second half. Fresh off of a charged performance opening for Cousin Stizz at the first-ever Boiler Room set in Boston, online movements are translating to real world progress before our eyes.—Alex Siber