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    Pusha T ft. Jay Z - "Drug Dealers Anonymous"

    "Your husband was a drug dealer. For 14 years he sold crack cocaine."

    Who would've thought this sound bite would spur something more than angry tweets and think pieces? But four months later, here we are with "Drug Dealers Anonymous," an unbelievably massive track that was Pusha T's idea as a response to political pundit Tomi Lahren's opinions.

    The song features dark, gritty production courtesy of DJ Dahi over which Push and Jay can reminisce about a life they both once knew.

    It's this idea of nostalgia that's the most interesting aspect of their collaboration. Early on in their careers, the songs that made them famous were often centered on the lives they held before getting behind the mic. But here, they talk about this life through a different lens, one that's matured and been altered by the most rose-colored glass of all: fame.

    But instead of either belittling or glorifying their former life they give it some necessary perspective. And in doing so, they erase any stupid misconceptions about who they are as people, purely because of where they've been.—Katie K.

    Stream "Drug Dealers Anonymous" here.