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    Big Sean

    The story of how Kanye discovered Detroit rapper Big Sean is one most young rappers can only dream of.

    In 2005, a teenage Big Sean, still in high school, was cashing a cheque from his telemarketing job when a friend told him Kanye was at the local radio station, 102.7 FM.

    He rushed down to the station, used his connections to get in, and convinced Yeezy to hear him rap. Kanye gave him 16 seconds, which turned into ten minutes. Then Big Sean gave Kanye a mixtape, and Ye invited him to a private listening party, where he endorsed the teenager in front of a group of talent scouts.

    Kanye brought Big Sean on board at G.O.O.D. Music two years later.

    “It was like out of the movies,” Kanye said. “I could hear his personality and character and style in it. He just walked up to me and said a rap, and I said, 'I’mma sign you.’”

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