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    King Louie

    It was 2012, and Chicago rapper King Louie was returning home from the dentist. The radio was on and he heard his name dropped by Kanye West, one of the biggest artists in the world—and a man he’d never met.

    West had remixed fellow Chicago rapper Chief Keef’s song “Don’t Like”—and name-dropped some up and comers. One of his lines was, “King Louie—this is Chi, right?”

    “I had just came from the dentist so I was kind of high off all that shit they gave me,” King Louie told BET. “It was just like, 'Wow.'”

    By 2015, King Louie had more than just met West: he had a Grammy nomination for songwriting credits on "New Slaves," and had credits on the Yeezus track “Send It Up.”