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    If you like Flying Lotus, listen to pnkblnkt.

    Maintaining anonymity in the music world can be a tough act to get right. While the decision to go anon may help artists keep their personal lives personal, it also means their music must be strong enough to stand on its own. With debut album COZY, anonymous 18-year-older producer pnkblnkt nails that balance: one listen through the project, and it's hard not to be hooked.

    The ethereal, spacious nine-track album shows remarkable depth, making the jump seamlessly from electronic beats to gospel choirs, aggressive rap verses, spoken word, and even a garbled reading of the opening to Allen Ginsberg's "Howl." Haunting, otherworldly, and deliciously mysterious, COZY is a gem. We may not know much about the face behind pnkblnkt (besides what we learned chatting over email with the artist), but one thing's for sure: his sound is very special.