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    If you like Kaytranada's new album, listen to Aminé.

    Bouncy, hiccuping raps are the centerpiece of Aminé's "Caroline." He's deep in love with a physical specimen who doubles as the song's title, and judging by the Portland rapper's delivery, he can barely contain his excitement.

    The lines spill out over glistening, metallic production that weaves between Aminé's voice, creating a duet between sound and vocals that immediately, for us, recalls Kaytranada's excellent 99.9% album. Kaytra brought in a whole host of rappers and singers to find melodies over his futuristic beats, and "Caroline" could have slipped onto the track list without anyone noticing.

    Aminé's appeal is in the potential energy—like the music of Kaytranada, he's liable to flip from sparse, punchy production to a rapid-fire flow at any given moment.