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    It’s hard to categorize Boston newcomer johan. We could start with his unusual voice: a raspy, quivering half-whisper that cracks just the right amount when he hits those higher notes. Or we could try and pin down his instrumental sound, which at times leans toward hand-clapping dance beats, but can just as easily swing towards singsong lullaby.

    Really, the only way to understand johan is to listen—and you won’t be disappointed. The singer first caught our attention with his debut single “danger_us,” a hazy, minimalist piece of R&B that showcases his chilling vocals and clever songwriting. He followed it up with the glimmering “stard(us)t,” and recently released “high in the woods,” a sexy groove about a reckless Tuesday night. His particular brand of experimental R&B is mesmerizing, so don't be surprised when johan takes off.