• She compares releasing music to exposing “a piece of your soul,” and For All We Know captures all the experiences of Nao’s 28 years in a seventeen-track time-capsule.

    A futuristic blend of funk, soul, and shameless pop is as a thread running throughout this record. Nao collaborates with A.K. Paul once more on the splintering strut of “Trophy,” and it’s easy to imagine her track with Jungle, “Get To Know Ya,” grabbing all the headlines. Familiar faces may appear, but linking together the songs is a signature style that Nao is still in the process of developing.

    “A lot of the production started with me. That should be the focal point,” she states, adding that she’s always felt more like an album artist than someone who churns out singles or dominates playlists. “I’ve got a few things to say in a lot of different ways. An album is the way to explore that.” True to the title of the song “Get To Know Ya,” this LP is essentially an extended meet-and-greet session, but without the awkward handshakes and lucrative fees. By the end of it, Nao’s true identity is clear.


    Credit: Phil Smithies for Pigeons & Planes