• KingJet – “Do It (Aye)”

    Image via KingJet

    Image via KingJet

    At this point, we’ve practically seen all the gimmicks: Hidden identities, surprise albums, “living” albums, a video of Frank Ocean sawing wood, Madison Square Garden fashion shows, Tidal giveaways, and a U2 album that just wouldn’t get the fuck off your iPhone. At this point, short of making fans travel to the bottom of the sea or to the moon to hear an album (although…that’s probably coming, regrettably), there’s very little in the way of musical rollouts that will seem truly novel.

    As we’ve seen with 24hrs, purposeful mystery doesn’t have to be obnoxious or gimmicky; it can serve to simply focus the attention on good music. Such is the case with KingJet and debut song “Do It (Aye),” a clear product of smartly studying the modern rap landscape and putting a sunny, catchy twist on those lessons. It doesn’t really matter who KingJet is or isn’t as long as