• Chen – “Gun”

    Image via Chen

    Image via Chen

    Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper Chen’s “Gun” feels like a product of a different time, with late-album-cut No Limit production and a complete dedication to a concept. Like Organized Konfusion’s “Stray Bullet” and Nas’s “Rewind,” Chen’s “Gun” personifies its titular weapon; Chen raps from the perspective of a gun, following a journey through different holders’ hands: a young man, a thief, a killer, a cop, a reseller. “Gun” is a rare narrative turn in modern rap and a keen one, dramatizing the passage of an illegal weapon from one person to another as it tears a path of death through different lives. Taking a page from classic gangsta rap, Chen fills “Gun” with the moral weight and consequences of every trigger pull and each body added to the count.