The music video has been surprisingly resilient in the face of upheaval in the music industry. We haven't gotten tired of seeing our favorite stars face down the camera, and they haven't stopped innovating.

2016 was a blockbuster year for music videos. Beyoncé's Lemonade is the only place to start, and, as you might expect, where this list will end. Frank Ocean's "Nikes" was more than a video, it was a reunion with our long lost ally. Solange made murals so vibrant you could feel the fabric, and David Bowie said goodbye in classically elegant fashion.

Still, some of 2016's best videos came from new faces. Obongjayar's "Creeping" and Lil Yachty's "1Night" proved that style will always trump a big budget, while Sevdaliza continued further down the digital rabbit hole with the surreal, metallic universe of "Marilyn Monroe." 2016 proved that the music video can be a work of art—or it can deliver a message, as DJ Shadow and Run The Jewels proved in the unforgettable "Nobody Speak."

Here are the 25 best music videos of 2016.