• Cellus Hamilton

    Months ago, New York-based Atlanta native Cellus Hamilton impressed the crowd at our very own Open Mic Night, and now he’s ready to properly introduce himself to a larger audience.​ "Mojo," with its bouncy beat and Cellus' sharp rapping, is a great first step, and the video proves that you don't need a huge budget to make a memorable piece of art.

    "I feel like anybody can get in front of a camera and rap, but I want to try and give people concepts," Cellus told us. "The concept that I went with, I really wanted to show people that there’s a constant war between the creative who makes music from a pure place—which is when you see me laying on the white sheets and the lights are really pure at that point. It represents the artist’s safe creative space, but then you see [the other characters]. They were artistic expressions, not of the industry per se, but representing the pressure [of being] pulled in different directions.