• Corbin - "Destrooy"

    It's been a long time since we last heard from Corbin, who briefly appeared sometime last year for a rare live appearance teasing upcoming material. Quietly uploaded to SoundCloud, Corbin's "Destrooy" is an understated return. This isn't a criticism of the almost ambient new track, but it does offer a chance to discuss how little Corbin seems interested in people's expectations. Avoiding the thudding, sleepy production of his most well-known output, "Destrooy" focuses on something a little different, and it's all the more welcome a return because of it.

    Corbin has already proved himself as a capable songwriter, but "Destrooy" plays with preconceptions a little more. Some might say that it sounds like an unfinished Spooky Black song, but really the only thing the track asks for is patience.—Joe Price