• Dave x J Hus - "Samantha"

    "Mix the gentleman with gangster," British rapper Dave croons at the beginning of "Samantha," his smooth new track with fellow U.K. talent J Hus. We know Dave best for his razor-sharp rapping on tracks like "Six Paths" and "Thiago Silva," but he's been exploring a more melodic approach on tracks like "Wanna Know" (which Drake subsequently remixed), and we get both sides of his sound on this one.

    J Hus is an equally versatile artist, delivering a very British product of influences like afrobeats, grime, and rap, and his personality shines through even on a slower track like "Samantha." Will we get more Dave x J Hus music? Who knows, but a joint EP could be amazing.

    Oh, and shout out Dave's pink on pink Stone Island combo. Jheeze.—Alex Gardner