• Jon Waltz - "Plastic Beach"

    First of all, I'm definitely biased. We premiered this on our first ever Pigeons & Planes takeover on Beats 1, but it sounded so fucking good. Jon Waltz is on a new level, and you don't normally recognize that with rising artists. Normally, it's a slow progression of small steps over time that you can only truly identify in retrospect. But in October of 2016, the young Memphis-based artist put out "Riot," and it was such a clear moment of stepping it up, and one of our favorite songs of the year. "Plastic Beach" just solidifies it—while not as immediate as "Riot," the dreamy "Plastic Beach" is more ambitious, and it fits perfectly with this new phase of Jon Waltz finding his voice.

    All of this is not to say that Jon Waltz's early music wasn't good. He's always shown potential and we've been saying "watch out for Jon Waltz" for years now. Now it feels like the time when we're just trying to resist saying "I told you so."Jacob Moore

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