• Migos - "T-Shirt"

    While most heads have spent the last few weeks going ballistic over Migos' "Bad & Boujee" (for good reason), that song is legit two minutes too long for my liking (sorry, Vert). "T-Shirt," however, with its haunting melody and booming bass is just perfect. Sure, they are still talking about moving weight and that street life, but their unique flow gives the track a different feel.

    The "mama" adlib still gets me as well; mixed with the ominous loop over that beat, it's making some of those boasts hit home a bit more. Also, not too many rappers would put on this much fur and get this turnt in the frozen tundra like Migos do in the video. Some people wrote them off as one-hit wonders after "Versace," but "T-Shirt" is proof positive of just how refreshing their sound is right now.—khal