• Mount Eerie - "Real Death"

    To say that Phil Elverum's new song as Mount Eerie is heavy is an understatement. Last year his wife Geneviève died after a battle with cancer, leaving Eleverum a single father. It's not an easy thing to put grief into words, and "Real Death" is a testament to this. It's anxious, fragile, and self-critical. A proclamation of love and a profound statement on loss, it's one of the most powerful things Elverum has ever released. 

    The shock of losing someone is surreal. Phil, scattering his thoughts across the song as he admits he feels as if his mind and body is failing, doesn't just describe the feeling. He's tackling death head-on, mourning through confrontation of life's terrifying end. Life continues after death, and that's the hardest thing to stomach.—Joe Price