• Sonder - "Searchin"

    After quietly sharing music on their SoundCloud page over the summer, newly formed trio Sonder—made up of producers Atu and Dpat, and vocalist Brent Faiyaz—gave us a proper introduction to their sound with "Too Fast." Months later, they return with the official release of their first EP together, simply titled Into. The 7-track EP aims to dive deep into the emotions of each listener with soothing rhythms and even smoother vocals.

    One of the standout tracks of the EP is "Searchin." At first listen, the record certainly feels reminiscent of Ginuwine's Timbaland-produced hit "So Anxious." However, Sonder manage to bring back a nostalgic R&B sound without making it feel dated. Instead, their music works to fill a void in R&B that has been felt for a while. Atu and Dpat team up to create production that fuses dreamy harps with a booming bassline. Faiyaz completes the mood of the record with his passionate vocals and lyrics. As a result, "Searchin," as well as their Into EP in total, turns out to be a much needed breath of fresh air.—Adrienne Black