• Sjowgren - "Now & Then"

    I've been waiting on new Sjowgren since the Bay Area group dropped the undeniable "seventeen" over a year ago. Honestly, "now & then" started kind of slow for my taste on first listen. There's nothing super unique about it, and it takes almost a minute before the chorus comes in. But fuck, when that chorus kicks in, it is so satisfying.

    It will be interesting to see how sjowgren's career plays out—most emerging acts have very distinct styles, whether it's in the production, vocals, or the overall vibe tied to what they're doing. It's usually pretty easy to spend a few minutes with an act and get a feel for where they fit. That's not there with sjowgren. The music is kind of traditional, rock-tinged pop, but what they're lacking in an easily identifiable "brand," they're making up for with absolutely excellent songwriting. In the long run, that's going to pay off.Jacob Moore