• Do your research.

    The music industry is constantly evolving. Being aware of the trends is important, but not enough. It’s crucial to not only keep up with the changes that are happening, but also figure out ways to stay ahead of the game. Sarah J, a manager and producer who has over a decade of experience under her belt, explains the importance of staying knowledgeable about your field. “This business is forever changing, so it’s really important that you do your research,” Sarah says. “Just be on the up-and-up as far as what’s out here, different avenues you can take with your career. When different scenarios come up in music, if it doesn’t go your way it’s easy to cry about it or take it personally but at the end of the day, it’s business. You have to look at it logically and with a thick skin. Just be ready to look at things logically and be able to brush things off if it doesn’t go your way.”

    Because the male to female ratio within the industry is so unbalanced, it can be common for women to feel too intimidated to question inequalities. Being grateful for a rare business opportunity does not equate to allowing inappropriate treatment to pass. “A few of the things I've personally done to overcome these inequalities is confide in other woman in the industry,” says Nikki Bennett, the Director of Publicity at XL Recordings. “Educate myself with literature on the topics of gender inequality and work on realizing my own self-worth. As Amal Clooney recently said, it's all about performing ‘everyday acts of feminism.’”

    Young women looking to expand their role or jump-start their careers have the option to learn from others, even if they can’t build a support system on the job. “There is so much great literature out there and using it to educate yourself on the climate of the music industry so you are prepared once you start the job search, negotiate salaries, etc. is priceless,” Bennett continues. “I personally loved Hanna Rosin's book The End Of Men And The Rise Of Woman."