• DJ Khaled ft. Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean, & Betty Wright - "Holy Key"

    Release date: July 22, 2016

    DJ Khaled always manages to bring in a massive variety of artists for his albums. For Major Key, Kendrick handles guest duties on the opening track “Holy Key,” alongside Big Sean and soul singer Betty Wright. Big Sean opens up the track by detailing the hard work put into reaching the top while Betty Wright follows up with a chorus praising the journey to success.

    Then Kendrick arrives. His verse wastes no time in pondering spirituality and the factors in life that can cause someone’s faith to crumble—"The land of the wicked, the foundation of Lucifer's spirit / Walking zombies and spellcatchers, I pray for forgiveness"—but he’s determined to focus on what matters rather than the materialistic things around him. This internal conflict seems to be an ongoing theme for Kendrick, now more than ever as fame's spotlight burns ever brighter.

    With the varying inflections of his voice, it seems like Kendrick is switching between telling his own story and giving advice to his listener. Whether or not it’s his own album or a guest verse never seems to matter for Kendrick, he continues to deliver the same important messages within his music.